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Board of Education


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School Board Meeting Minutes

School Board Members

  • Justin Abell (President): 641-512-4419
  • Callie Hillman (Vice-President)
  • Tammie Hirv: 641-512-0676 
  • Bobbi Hinrichsen
  • Dustin Servantez

If you have a question or concern about the district, you are encouraged to communicate with Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock educators, administrators, and school board members. If you have a concern, the best place to begin is with those directly involved and responsible: the teacher and/or principal. It is there that most problems can be quickly and productively resolved. If questions still remain, please contact the superintendent. And, if you’re convinced that further action is required, the school board is available to hear your concerns.

We welcome your ideas, questions or suggestions. With your help, we can achieve our goal of continued excellence in education.-0577

About Board Meetings

The Rudd, Rockford, Marble Rock Community School District is governed by a five-member board. The Board meets in regular session at 5:30 p.m. except in June, July, and August at 7:00 a.m. on the third Monday of the month. Meetings, which are open to the public, are held in the High School library. Special meetings are scheduled as necessary. To speak before the Board, call Todd Liechty, Superintendent, at (641) 756-3610.

As a taxpayer and citizen, you are a stockholder in the public school system. The Rudd, Rockford, Marble Rock Community School District operates under Iowa law and the policies set down by the Board of Education. As members of the Rudd, Rockford, Marble Rock Board of Education, we encourage you to attend board meetings, keep informed about public school issues, and express your views on matters concerning Rudd, Rockford, Marble Rock Community School District.

  • To Address the Board: Your presence and participation are encouraged at board meetings. Contact the Superintendent at (641) 756-3610 to schedule to speak about items on the agenda. Patrons are welcome to address the board without prior notice, however, board actions are limited to those items on the printed agenda.
  • Board Meeting Agendas: Agendas for upcoming meetings of the Board are posted on the District’s main web page and on the main entrance window of the school office prior to meetings. After the meeting, the agenda and minutes will be available online.
  • Public Hearings: Board members encourage public involvement and will listen to citizens’ views and problems concerning school district matters. Patrons are asked first to go through regular school channels. This may include a visit with the child’s teacher and the principal. Most problems are resolved at the campus level. If a problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, then you may bring the matter to the attention of the superintendent. The school board is the final level of appeal in the school district. The Board meets privately in executive session to discuss personnel matters, land acquisition, student hearings, and to consult with legal counsel. Complaints about specific employees must be handled in executive session in accordance with state law unless the employee requests that the complaint be heard publicly.
  • Board Elections: Board members are elected at large for four-year terms. Board elections are held the second Tuesday in September in odd-numbered years. Board members serve staggered terms so there are always experienced members on the board.